ILM ‘Clean Coaching & Mentoring at Work Training

If you wanted to (or know someone who wants to) train as a coach, now is the time. Stuart is running a great course with Caitlin Walker at Training Attention. Read on for more information.

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We’ve had great feedback and calls for more and, with that in mind; we’re running a Central London Course.  We are expecting a range of participants including: Occupational Psychologists, business coaches, and managers.

This 6-day course with supervision costs only £1000 + VAT.

This will be a very personalised event with two Trainers and no more than 12 participants; ensuring that all of you get exquisite attention and are at the edge of your learning.

The course will fully equip you to run Clean Coaching sessions utilising metaphoric landscapes, symbolic resources and Emergent Knowledge.

We’ll also be supporting you to blend your Clean skills with other coaching methodologies so that you have a broad range of approaches to offer your clients.

We’ll be using the group skills, experience and dynamics as central to the coaching process and you’ll be offering one another high quality observation, feedback and, of course, coaching.

The course consists of:

  • 8 hours of reading coaching material, plus working through the Clean Language DVD and other Clean resources
  • 6 days of face-to-face training
  • 15 hours of peer coaching and supervision
  • 12 hours of client coaching plus recording and transcribing a client session
  • Level 5 written assignment – approximately 2,000 words including self-reflective coaching log

Following accreditation we’re support you to network with other qualified coaches as part of the development of a strong network of fabulous clean coaches, shakers and movers – linking ideas, passions and other networks and allowing us to grow in vision and legacy.

There will be opportunities for a deeper dive into the psychotherapeutic applications of Clean, other Coaching methodologies and ongoing CPD and supervision.

Any questions, please go to:

If you have course content questions please contact

The course will be held in London near the Southbank and if you would like further information please email:


“The course is taught through peer coaching; meaning we use our own diversity to extend our coaching practice. Invaluable for developing my group facilitation and team coaching skills.”

Alison Blackler