Management consultants

Management and support

Clark Coaching and Consulting provide interim services and independent, bespoke advice, guidance and practical support in tendering, start up, strategic planning, marketing, and communications, organisational development, change management, training, business, executive and life coaching and mentoring, research, monitoring/evaluation, and business development.

  • We are committed to delivering your desired outcomes in all these areas.
  • We design our support with an exit strategy in mind.
  • We will assess current reality and from this, we will create and design a programme to suit your environment and style. Together we will deliver sustainable and lasting positive change.
  • A revisit and evaluation of the work will be carried out at an agreed future date to ensure success. We use Our Test, Operate, Test, Exit – (TOTE) – model.

“Working with Clark Coaching and Consulting allowed us to notice so many areas that enabled us to move to profitability in the first month of our operation. The help we receive made a real difference.”

Kwaku Appiah – Owner Malone and Co.

What we do

  • Business start ups / mobilisation – writing the business plan, hiring staff, training, premises, location,  equipment, shop fitting, menus, IT, finance systems, suppliers, taxation, health and safety.
  • Tendering – competitive and renegotiation – specification and structure; contractors looking to bid for new work; clients looking for new contractors; draught contract agreements.
  • Finance including budgeting – Profit and loss accounts, Cash flow analysis, staffing cost controls, competitors pricing, value for money analysis, benchmarking.
  • Market research – benchmarking, competitor analysis, target markets, identify market gaps, PR, communication and merchandising, and review exiting collateral.
  • Customer care – analysis and training. Know your customer, staff awareness.
  • Coaching, Mentoring, Training – know where you are, behaviour management skills, retention, development, confidence, same service with reduced resources, conflict management, team building.
  • Change management – organisation, restructuring, managing change through coaching, management development.
  • HR – recruitment, mediation, draught contract writing, employment law.
  • Business development including procurement – getting the right price and service.
  • Health and safety – and food hygiene systems.

We provide training and workshops in all these areas

Applied Modelling

Imagine if together we could identify a need or a problem to be addressed, then find or select individuals inside or outside your organisation who possess the capabilities or resources necessary to effectively deal with that need or the problem.

We would then model them – who they are, their beliefs, values, and relationships what they do to achieve those results in that environment. This model can then be delivered to those who need or desire it through a set of steps which may include rehearsal of a particular cognitive sequence, behavioural practise, training and workshops.

Better imagine another approach being that we first identify the capabilities possessed by individuals inside or outside your organisation who are able to achieve a particular outcome that your organisation desire, and then to identify the group of individuals who could most benefit from those capabilities. We could then model it and deliver the strategy as above.

Applied modelling involves:

  1. Identifying the key capabilities possessed by individuals who are able to achieve a particular desired result or outcome
  2. Specifying the particular individuals who may benefit from being able to learn those capabilities and achieve those results
  3. Define which of those capabilities are most needed by those individuals who require the skill or desire to achieve the results


  • Historic and visitor attractions
  • Retail catering outlets
  • Restaurants, pubs and bars
  • Employee restaurants, cafes and coffee shops
  • Universities and colleges
  • Corporate and private hospitality areas
  • Community centres

“Stuart Clark is a joy to work with. Not only is he very committed, hardworking and customer centric with his can-do attitude, he is creative and never afraid to challenge. He is willing to listen to others, embrace new ideas and champion change. He engages and inspires all who are around him. ”
Inga Rose – Managing Director, Air Marketing